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Top Stunning Dive Sites in Egypt For All Scuba Divers

Egypt is renowned for being one of the best dive sites in the world. Starting from the famous scuba dive sites along the Red Sea from Sharm el sheik to Marsa Alam and the breathtaking dive sites in the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt offers the best diving experience. Divers explore spectacular coral reefs, dive with colorful fishes, turtles, dolphins, and sharks. Another important matter is that Egypt offers the whole diving experience at affordable prices. Moreover, it is a perfect spot for all scuba divers at all levels.

Abu Dabbab Bay, Marsa Alam

Abu Dabbab is the perfect dive site for divers of all levels. It is a famous diving site in the north of Marsa Alam on the Red Sea, and its stunning beach is a top-ranked worldwide destination. This place boasts mind-blowing underwater life, from colorful coral reefs, big green turtles, and beautiful creatures like dugong (sea cow), to guitar sharks. Shore divers and snorkelers will enjoy a lot there as marine life is visible from the beach, and once divers reach the seagrass area, they will find the turtles and the dugong-this is why it is also called Home of Dugong and Turtles Bay. The depth of this protected national park is between 0 to 18 meters and goes gradually till 40 meters, and the currents there are very rare. The dive site is entered from the beach where many dive centers are available for diving seekers.

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SS Thistlegorm Wreck, Red Sea

A mysterious World War Two wreck dive site and home to spectacular marine life, SS Thistlegorm wreck is a top diving destination in the world. The shipwreck is located on the north of the Red Sea in the Strait of Gubal, north of Ras Mohammed near Sharm El-Sheikh. Thistlegorm is a British military ship that was carrying war supplies but was attacked from the air in 1941 by the German army and sank deep down in the Red Sea. The ship is still in good condition, and divers can enjoy exploring its artifacts like motorbikes, rifles, train carriages, army trucks, and spare parts for planes. Besides the wreck, the underwater life is amazing, as divers can watch numbers of sea species like barracudas, snappers, turtles, and batfishes. One dive is not enough to explore this historical underwater site and its reefs. The Thistlegorm wreck is lying in a depth between 18-30 m, the reason why this diving site can be visited only by advanced divers. And the wreck area as well as has currents from the surface to the bottom.

SS Thistlegorm Wreck in the Red Sea
SS Thistlegorm Wreck By Woodym555, CC BY-SA 3.0

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El Qadim Bay, Al Quseir

Located north of Mars Alam and very close to the historical Luxor city, Al Quseir is distinguished by its location. The town comprises many beautiful dive sites, and one of them is the amazing dive site called El Qadim Bay (The Old Bay). This dive site is located north of Al Quseir, offers eye-catching underwater marine life, caves, and canyons. The bay is between 5m to 30m in depth that is suitable for intermediate divers, and it is accessed from the shore. Scuba divers have the chance to settle near the dive spot as it is close to Movenpick Resort El Quseir. It is featured for being close to many stunning places, like the incredible coral area Beit Goha, and the ancient Roman and Islamic port Myos Hormos.

Elphinstone Reef, Marsa Alam

Elphinstone Reef is one of the best Red Sea diving sites in the world, located in the south of Egypt and 25 km north of Marsa Alam. This stunning reef is home to advanced divers looking for diving with sharks, as the area is famous for Hammerhead sharks and oceanic whitetips sharks. Elphinstone dive site is accessed 12 km from the shore, and it is 5 m to more than 40 m in depth. There are beautiful plateaus on the north and south parts of the reef where sharks, soft corals, and many fish types like giant trevally are found there. Only experienced divers can go to this spot as they will encounter strong currents that give a chance for drift dive. The site is better accessed with liveaboards, and diving is all year round but better from October to December to find sharks.

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Cleopatra’s Palace, Alexandria

Egypt is not only blessed with the Red Sea but also blessed with the Mediterranean Sea, an underwater museum, home to sunken historical ruins from the pharaohs and Romans, and perfect for discovery diving. Though visibility is not clear in the Mediterranean Sea like the Red Sea, yet it worths a visit. The famous dive spot in Alexandria is Cleopatra’s Palace, located in the Eastern Harbor. This spot is full of statues of the sphinx and Roman columns. Beginner divers are lucky as it is at a depth of about 5 m, and this is a good chance for anyone who wants to learn diving and enjoy at the same time the underwater historical destination.

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